Angelic Expression Collection:

This compelling Malachite (55.6 cts) pendant has been set in 925 sterling silver.  Designed and crafted in Sedona, AZ by Starborn.  Stone from Africa.

Malachite, a gem banded in varying green tones and has been found in many parts of the world; is said to be a protector; the wearer is said to be protected from accidents and in travels.  It has also been thought as a protector as a deterrent of less than desirable business associations and to aid in a successful business.  Additionally, it has been believed to be a strong protector of children. Malachite is a strong stone that aids in creativity and enhances intuition.  

It’s the stone of good fortune, so the wearer of this stone will attract all things good when it comes to money, wealth, and opportunities. It symbolizes abundance, expansion, and new beginnings.

Danburite intensifies your healing energies. It is called a stone of joy and celebration because it helps you in getting along with other people.  Danburite makes it possible for your inner light to shine, to become what you are, to reveal your true identity. This stone activates the intellect and promotes your faith and respect for the spiritual laws.  It enables you to take a look at your life from a different perspective.

Blue Kyanite has a potent ability to transfer and amplify high frequency energy.  It has a strong vibration that will create a protective shield and assists you in communicating your personal truth.

  • Each shipment includes: the pictured Malachite (55.6 cts) stone pendant, a sterling silver necklace, a wooden jewelry box, and a small cleaning cloth.  Necklace Style: .9mm Sterling Silver 925 Adjustable Round Chain 22"
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