It is our desire that each of our authentic pieces are hand selected and designed with your unique, personal soul’s journey and purpose in mind.

Stones Desire was birthed from Spirit with the desire to bring a soul’s journey into being with purpose and love.
Our stones are hand selected and each stone is unique. We believe that you don’t pick the stone, but rather the stone will pick you based upon your Soul’s Journey and Life Purpose

Stones Desire is a distributor of Starborn Creations jewelry, located and designed in Sedona, AZ. From stone pendants, bracelets, earings, necklaces, there are so many amazing stones selections to choose from. Let your purpose be found with one of their rare stones today!

Activate Your Light & Awaken Your Soul, the true meaning of this amazing collection! Forever Awaken is a collection created by Starborn in Sedona, Arizona with beautiful sterling silver. Every stone is hand picked and crafted for this very unique line for Stones Desire. On the back of of every piece of Forever Awaken jewelry, you will notice the signature "Stones Desire" sigil. When you wear a Forever Awaken piece, you will never be alseep again as this precious stone has chosen you!

Your "Soul Purpose" was birthed in the heavens and recorded in stone. At Stones Desire we have hand selected each piece. Thereby, knowing we have selected a recording of each unique soul's purpose. Our desire is for each stone to find its true "Soul Purpose" within you.

At Stones Desire, we are always striving to find more ways to enhance and activate your souls' journey. We have designed a setting to aid in enhancing your inner angelic light. Our artisans at Starborn have utilized our Stones Desire sigil and embossed it with a danburite crystal and a kyanite crystal. The desire of this setting is to invoke your Angelic Expression by drawing in angelic light through the properties of the danburite and amplifying its properties with kyanite. The danburite has been selectively placed in the bail of the ornate pendant, while the kyanite has been placed in the center of the sigil where it will be close to the body. "Angelic Expression" is truly a powerful delight with amazing properties to spread your Light, Love, Joy, and Peace, wherever your souls' desire takes you.

Stones Desire brings to you the Stones Eternal Collection. These stones have been designed with the desire of bringing healing and awakening to the world. Stones Eternal has been crafted with the highest vibration of love embodied in each piece, by Starborn in Sedona, AZ.

It is Stones Desire that your life's journey be elevated with the utmost in Joy, Love and Light.

Stones Desire brings you the "Archangel Metatron" collection, created by Peter Benson - with a background as a mechanic and technician-engineer, Peter went through a major Awakening process that opened up his connection to his Higher Self and the Angelic Realm. He discovered his angelic origins as part of Archangel Michael's army of light. Guided by Archangel Michael, and Ascended Masters, Peter was introduced to the Tensor technology and its healing properties. He conducted a series of research that led him to build his first Tensor rings (all cubits), crystals infused pendants, Merkaba's, healing coils, and more. Peter is the owner of Energies of Service. His powerful copper healing and grounding tools are inspired by and channeled from the quantum field of Creation. His handmade products are carefully crafted and attuned energetically to help people heal, balance, and live in harmony with their own resonance field. They are tools for ascension and conscious living.

The "Golden Age of Atlantis" is our 14K Gold jewelry collection, created by Starborn in Sedona, AZ. It is a powerful jewelry collection based on the thought that there is no separation from the Divine. We are are all part of the whole and our actions affect every single creature throughout the universe." The "Golden Age of Atlantis" jewelry collection is designed and created by very skilled goldsmiths with the highest vibration stones and crystals.

Stones Desire has teamed up with a local Artisan to bring you "Bella Designs". Isabella traveled from her home country of Brazil to relocate to the United States to fulfill her soul’s purpose and journey. Isabella has been designing and wrapping stones for 30 years developing her artistic talent and skills, creating beautiful jewelry.