Stones Desire Testimonials

Very unique pendant-beautifully made and excellent quality. I was also impressed by the packaging--really "high end." Will absolutely order from Stones Desire again.

Linda - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Fantastic stone - awesome presentation! Will buy from this seller again!!!

Michelle - Manitowoc, Wisconsin

I gave a good review... but I just have to say, it’s not enough. The pendant and necklace is so well made and absolutely beautiful. The packaging is just as special. Such great beauty and care plus Craftsmanship is at the utmost. I’ve never seen anything quite like this and I am a jewelry connoisseur. You truly provide a unique and very special experience in jewelry buying. I wish eBay gave more character spaces for review because I could go on and on about your lovely jewelry and great care in packaging... absolutely Exquisite on both fronts. Something truly special. Thank you sooo much... again WOW!!! Very nice. You are truly gifted in making a persons eyes light up with joy. Thank you again you gifted artisan. Beautiful and lovely touch. It is felt!!!


Best jewelry I ever bought! Excellent way to package an item. A melted in wax stamp is brilliant and then when you open the box it's like a ray of light shines out at you. I am truly impressed. Even authentication. In a very nice wooden box presentation. You go indeed an extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.


A journey started 26 years that led me to find this stone, today 8/25/2018. It is with sincere gratitude and love that I express my thanks. Blessings.

Aaron - Calgary, Alberta

I have ordered 3 pendants from Stones Desire and all of them were mailed the day I made the order and arrived at the earliest predicted date. I love the jewelry itself. The stones are high vibration and the wrapping is very well done. I will be ordering more in the future. Very happy.

Janet - Dallas, Texas

Stones Desire provides an excellent selection of stone pendants. I am very pleased with the stone and silver setting. I have purchased several pendants from them and their customer service is prompt and courteous.

Carolyn - Sanford, North Carolina

Gorgeous, big crystal--so beautiful. Stones Desire jewelry is wonderful--both in workmanship and variety. Customer service and concern for satisfaction are also First Rate.

Linda - Albuquerque, New Mexico

I recently ordered your Staurolite necklace off of Amazon….I just wanted to tell how much I LOVE this piece! It resonates with me on such a deep level, and it is very powerful when I wear it. More so than any other crystal/stone I have worked with before. It is GORGEOUS! Thank you for such a beautiful and soulful piece of jewelry