Tourmaline is one of the rare gemstones that come in all colors of the rainbow. In fact, its name - tourmaline (from thuramali in the language of Sri Lankan people) originally applied to a variety of multicolor stones.  Today the name tourmaline includes a group of 27 minerals, with the most popular ones being the Schorl tourmaline (black and deep blue colored stones) and the Elbaite tourmaline.

The Elbaite Tourmaline comes in a variety of brilliant colors (pink, red, light green, light blue, yellow as well as clear) and is the one that most people refer to when speaking of tourmaline as a semi-precious gemstone.  While the Elbaite is most famous for its beautiful energizing colors with various properties (the watermelon variety of tourmaline being the best examples); the Schorl tourmaline sure has its own solid place in the metaphysical world of stones a very strong protector.

One of the features that distinguishes the tourmaline from all other minerals is the three-sided prisms, as well as its vertical striations. Metaphysically, this is considered to create strong channels of energy for clearing and purification, as well as protection.