Stones Eternal

Boulder Opal Pendant Necklace (SE1717)


Stones Eternal Collection:

This stunning Boulder Opal (57.7 cts) pendant necklace has been wrapped in 925 sterling silver.  Stone from Queensland, Australia.  Designed by Starborn in Sedona, Arizona.

Boulder Opal is thought to help alleviate depression and help find true love. Since boulder opal can display a wide array of colors, it possesses a range of healing abilities. It can opens one’s consciousness to the higher vibrations radiating from one’s soul so that one is able to “see” the “bigger picture” and to live life as a soul infused personality.

Boulder Opal helps to clear one’s mental body of negative energies and thought forms, enhancing one’s mental clarity and stability helping one move forward with focused intent. The grounding energy of Boulder Opal helps to ground higher vibrational energy into the third dimension so that one is able to receive higher information and guidance and to integrate these energies into one’s life’s experiences.

Opal shows you what your emotional state has been in the past and teaches you how to take responsibility for how you are feeling now. It encourages you to send out positive emotions. Wearing opal is said to bring loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity to you but it may also increase fickleness if the person is inclined that way in the first place.

Each shipment includes: the pictured Boulder Opal (57.7 cts) stone pendant, a sterling silver necklace, a wooden jewelry box, and a small cleaning cloth. Necklace Style: .9mm Sterling Silver 925 Adjustable Round Chain 22"

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