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Kunzite Crystal Pendant (SB1530)


Stones Eternal Collection:

This beautiful and exquisite Kunzite Crystal (58.2 cts) pendant necklace has been hand set in sterling silver.  Designed in Sedona, Arizona by Starborn.  Stone from Brazil.

Kunzite are strong healing crystals for the emotions, and create loving relationships, as your life fills with love on all levels.  This stone is a lovely heart based crystal that encourages the energy of love to fill your life.  Kunzite crystal has an energy that will aid you to resonate with love, including being able to experience the love of the Great Divine spirit.  Its vibration helps you to heal emotional problems as you release negative feelings and relieve panic and fear.  Kunzite has strong vibrational properties that aid you to lift your mood and to help you to heal emotional problems, such as anxiety and stress.

Kunzite will bring you inner peace and give you a high capacity for achieving wisdom and understanding.  It will calm all the noise and chaos in your life, and you will enjoy peace and serenity whenever you need it.  Kunzite also has the ability to connect your heart to your mind and bring greater harmony into your life.  When your heart and mind go harmoniously together, everything else will simply follow.  It’s also a very spiritual stone that will help you connect to your source of unconditional love.  This will always prompt you to think loving thoughts and do loving actions.  This is a stone that can ground and center you and help you have a deep sense of peace.  The high vibrations from Kunzite can help you achieve a deep and meditative state.

  • Each shipment includes: the pictured Kunzite Crystal (58.2 cts) pendant, a sterling silver necklace, a wooden jewelry box, and a small cleaning cloth.  Necklace Style: .9mm Sterling Silver 925 Adjustable Round Chain 22"
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