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Saffordite Pendant Necklace (SB1389)


✨ Shimmer and shine with our stunning Saffordite Crystal Pendant Necklace! ✨This exquisite piece is an absolute showstopper, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. ✨✨ The centerpiece of this necklace is the mesmerizing Saffordite crystal, known for its unique beauty and vibrant energy. ✨

Forever Awaken Collection:

This rare & powerful Saffordite (Cintamani) (18.6 cts) stone pendant has been molded in 925 sterling silver.  Stone from Safford, Arizona.  Designed in Sedona, Arizona by Starborn.  

Saffordite, a tektite, has one of the highest vibrational frequencies of any mineral, emanating pure Light and Love and manifesting the purity of the Soul. It is a reflection of the inner jewel, the I AM presence, and the totality of being. Because it, most significantly, lifts the veil and radically advances both the spiritual heart and the higher calling, it is best-suited for those light workers and star seeds, who are already realizing their divine mission. It vigorously dissolves implants, negative thought forms, emotional blockages and outdated belief systems, so one must be prepared to let go of the old debris to further liberate the greater self. It expands cosmic consciousness, love, light and grace, establishing peace and harmony within oneself, and with life and relationships.

  • Each shipment includes: the pictured Saffordite (Cintamani) (18.6 cts) stone pendant, a sterling silver necklace, a wooden jewelry box, and a small cleaning cloth. Necklace Style: .9mm Sterling Silver 925 Adjustable Round Chain 22"
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