Sericho Pallasite Meteorite Bracelet (SB2904)


✨ Get ready to rock the cosmos with our stunning Sericho Pallasite Meteorite Bracelet! ✨ This celestial beauty is crafted from a genuine piece of Sericho Pallasite meteorite, making it a truly unique and otherworldly accessory. ✨✨

Starborn Collection:

This powerful Sericho Pallasite Meteorite (16.1 cts) bracelet has been molded in 925 sterling silver.  Designed in Sedona, Arizona by Starborn. Meteorite from Isiolo County, Kenya 2016.

The Sericho Pallasite Meteorite was officially "discovered" in 2016 when some large masses were purchased from villagers in Isiolo County, Kenya. However, the meteorites were known for much longer with tales of the larger masses being played on when villagers were children. Sericho meteorites are found in a strewn field over 45km long with pieces weighing from less than one kilogram to masses as large as 500 kilograms. While many masses have olivine crystals characteristic of it's Pallasite classification, other pieces are nearly solid metal. This pendant slice shows the beautiful olivine crystals.

Sericho Pallasite Meteorite aids inter-dimensional travel, prosperity, emotional stability.  Encourages reconciliation with being in the earth realm, and able to ground thought into action.

  • Each shipment includes: the pictured Sericho Pallasite Meteorite (16.1 cts) bracelet in a wooden jewelry box and a small cleaning cloth.  Includes 2 bracelet bands, black and white.  (The inside measurements of the bracelet bands are 6.25" of the black and 7.00" of the white band.)
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